Dawson's Creek &10 Things I Hate About You Casts Reunite

What with Entertainment Weekly breaking our nostalgic brains with their reunion issue last week, we seem to have forgotten that sometimes, our favorite casts from decades past can get together without a big hurrah. And, sometimes, that happens on the same day.
Turns out that a whole gaggle of stars from 10 Things I Hate About You was out partying together yesterday, for our Twitter pleasure, only to be upstaged by a spontaneous Dawson's Creek reunion.

Screenwriter Karren McCullah tweeted a photo of herself with 10 Things stars Andrew Keegan (in an inexplicable cape), David Krumholtz, Kirsten Smith (co-writer), Susan May Pratt, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. The absence of Julia Stiles and Larisa Oleynik makes it less exciting, however. And, the glaring hole where Heath Ledger should be makes us want to go replay his band serenade a few hundred times.
To ease that sadness, we'll just hop over to James Van Der Beek's Twitter for this blurry pic of JVDB with Joshua Jackson. Given the fact that the stars of Dawson's Creek are quoted about the possibility of a reunion on a weekly basis, we never really hold our breath for one anymore. Still, we'll embrace any and every example that they all still hang together on the regular.

"You know, we all still keep in touch and support each other," Katie Holmes recently said at an event at the Soho Apple Store in New York. "And luckily, we all have been able to stay busy. We had a really wonderful time. It was six years of our lives, and we were all really passionate about making it the best it could be. We really believed in ourselves."
With Jackson starring in Showtime's The Affair, and Van Der Beek shooting CSI: Cyber right now, perhaps there are new opportunities for crossover cameos?

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