Oreo Churros Are Destined To Be Your New Favorite Snack

Photo: Courtesy of J&J Snack Foods.
Fad foods can get a little exhausting, but the latest wacky dessert mash-up looks absolutely delicious — and dangerously convenient.
Oreo churros combine the crunchy yumminess of the Spanish deep-fried pastry with the chocolate cookies we know and love. They'll be available in straight or twisted stick shapes — like authentic churros — or in bite-size little chunklets. Of course, there will also be Oreo cookie cream dip to heighten your sugar rush.
Best of all, getting a taste won't require waiting in line for hours at a fancy foodie spot, or hoping for that one lady to be in the subway selling them at the exact moment you're switching trains. J&J Snack Foods will be selling the sweets at convenience stores and fast food restaurants. (Where else would you shop when an odd-shaped-Oreo craving hits?)
What do you think? Will Oreo churros scratch your next snack-related itch, or do you prefer fancier fare? (Time)

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