A Giant, Crowd-Funded Vagina Statue Is Coming To Texas

Photographed by Nicolas Bloise.
Austin, TX resident and budding activist, Chloe, doesn't mince words: "I want to make a massive vagina statue," she says. Her Kickstarter page explains further: "Essentially, you are funding an art project that will ultimately end in a giant vulva and hopefully make some women's lives better." And, rest assured; the statue will be to scale.
Chloe's ambitious project (the statue will be six feet tall) is one of the more unique responses to the ever-souring relationship between women and the state of Texas — especially when it comes to abortion access. At this point, women seeking treatment to terminate their pregnancies may have to travel overnight in order to reach a clinic that's still open. Naturally, pro-choice activists have leapt to organize protests and call for funding to maintain whatever services are still available for Texan women.
As for Chloe, she asked the Internet for $600 and has already received much more. The leftover donations, although not needed to purchase statue supplies, will still support women's right to choose in Texas.
While she writes sincerely about her plan and cause, it's also clear that Chloe sees the humor in building a six-foot tall vagina (for starters, it's a six-foot tall vagina). And, it seems like she understands that making a big statement can sometimes be the best way to start a conversation: "I am really excited about this project because I think that it can make a difference in the lives of women in Texas," she adds. "I am ready to say 'fuck you' to the rich, white men in Texas who are limiting my rights to my own body — and I am ready to make something hilarious."

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