This Is What Johnny Depp Will Look Like In Into The Woods

Photo: Courtesy of Disney.
Stephen Sondheim's Wolf from Into The Woods has typically been portrayed as a, well, wolf — snout and all. He's meant to be menacing; a lustful creature eager to feast on Little Red Riding Hood. He's dark, filled with evil, and has a taste for blood.
Johnny Depp's Wolf in Disney's movie version of Into The Woods (out December 25, 2014) is not that. He, instead, resembles a Prohibition era gangster with a unique mustache and penchant for groomed body hair and fedoras. These things do not a Big Bad Wolf make.
Entertainment Weekly was the first to unveil Depp's character portrait with a series of four exclusive covers. All the other characters (Meryl Streep's Witch, Emily Blunt's Baker's Wife, Chris Pine's Prince) are spot on. Depp's Big Bad Wolf lacks the Bad. Perhaps his performance will bring the terror. Oh, boy can we ever wish. (Entertainment Weekly)

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