VIDEO: Just How Often Do People Check Out Your Boobs?

At first watch, you might think the new video from Nestlé Fitness, "Bra Cam," was created to show just how much attention women's breasts receive from strangers each day. It could be a video decrying sexual harassment, and on a certain level it is. But, its true purpose is to increase awareness of breast cancer.
In the video, one brave actress took the plunge and donned a bra equipped with a hidden camera, which she topped with a shirt that was fastened up halfway. Then, she went about her business throughout a day in London. As the woman picked up coffee, used the subway (sorry, the tube), and took a meeting, her secret bra-cam recorded the number of times her cleavage was ogled.
It's not only men who were caught staring (see especially the distracted gentleman whose ping-pong swing misses the ball), but also women, babies, and a dog. The real purpose of the video isn't revealed until the end: "Your breasts are checked out every day," reads on-screen text. "So, when was the last time you checked your own?"
It's a valid point, and one you may not have considered: Other people spend a lot more time examining our breasts than we do, but breast self-exams are a lot more likely to protect us against breast cancer than looks from strangers. Today marks the first day of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and Nestlé is getting in on the action by promoting the #checkyourselfie campaign from breast-cancer awareness foundation Keep A Breast Europe. The mission of the campaign is to encourage every woman to establish a monthly breast self-check routine — because catching a lump early in the disease's progression can be the key to survival. You can even download an app to take you through the self-exam steps, or follow those provided on Keep A Breast's website — no hidden camera required.

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