This Is What Happens When You Say “I Quit” On Live TV

TV reporter Charlo Greene didn't just quit her job. She quit it on live TV. But, she didn't just quit it on live TV, she said "Fuck it. I quit" on live TV. Was it a public meltdown? No. But, it was very deliberate attempt to attract the spotlight for her other job as president and CEO of the Alaska Cannabis Club. And, it worked.
After literally walking off her job, Greene started an Indiegogo campaign that exceeded its initial $5,000 goal overnight. And, with $11,000 and counting right now, it doesn't show any sign of losing steam before its October 7 end date. Since Alaska will vote to legalize marijuana — or at least regulate it like alcohol — on Ballot Measure 2 in November, this is a crucial moment for Greene's organization.
And, while we certainly hope she kills it come Election Day, we're really inspired by her turn-down-for-no-one quitting style. Mashable interviewed the reporter turned activist about what it's like when your resignation goes viral. Here's what she had to say:

On quitting her job publicly
"Walking in that day I had absolutely no doubts. Once I decide I’m going to do something it’s only a matter of time before it’s actually done. So, I decided I was going to do that a month — more than a month — prior. But the moments leading up to the actual live departure, it was like, "Wow, this is about to really happen. This is about to go down.” And I paused and the f-word just came out of my mouth....I just thought out loud and in the moment I actually thought I was saying the f-word way lower than I actually said it."

On her future as a journalist
"[A] lot of people were commenting saying I will never work in journalism again. I have several job offers that say otherwise."

The best part about her sudden fame
"The countless opportunities you get to promote the real message which is that we all need to take a real look at what marijuana prohibition has brought us these last 80 years. We all need to go ahead and start plainly looking at who put these laws into place, why they’re there, what they’ve done, who they’ve benefitted."

On Snoop Dogg
"[H]e believe[s] in the cause. He’s inspired by it. He posted on Instagram that I was his hero. That was crazy for me to see. There were so many crazy things for me to see. But he is a cool dude and he is down for the cause and Alaskans are going to see that."

Read the whole interview here. (Mashable)

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