Local TV Reporter Interviews Kristen Wiig, Fails Beautifully

When you're a member of the media, chances are you're going to be assigned a last-minute story you have little to no knowledge about. It's okay! It happens to all of us. But, the important thing to do is to perform a quick Google search, get some basic talking points, and pray to some higher power that all goes swimmingly. Though when in doubt, just be sure to never, under any circumstance, imply nudity. It will end poorly.
That's why Denver morning reporter Chris Parente is an example of what not to do. During a promotional interview with Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader for their new movie The Skeleton Twins, Parente wings the crap out of his questions and asks about plot points that don't even exist in the film (e.g. full frontal nudity).
"Do you have advice for going nude?" he asks Wiig. And, it quickly becomes evident that Parente hasn't seen the film, nor has he done his due diligence. (A simple Google search would've informed him that Wiig dons her birthday suit in Welcome To Me.)
Instead, his mistake prompts Wiig and Hader to take the interview in stride and list off all the things The Skeleton Twins is not. One of those things? A movie Chris Parente has seen. (Crushable)

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