How Do Your Drinking Habits Measure Up Against Other Americans'?

According to data from the National Epidemiologic Survey on Alcohol and Related Conditions, as compiled in Philip J. Cook's book, Paying the Tab , 24 million Americans are getting way more turnt up than everyone else. These are the top 10% of American drinkers surveyed, and they consume 74 drinks every week, which pats out to a little more than 10 drinks a day. That puts your nightly glass of wine in perspective, right?
The study addresses the lighter drinkers among us as well and had some surprising results — even if you only have one drink per day, you are still in the top 30% of American drinkers. To put these numbers into perspective, those who don't drink at all round out the bottom 30%.
As far as moderate drinking goes, science tentatively suggests that a little red wine every so often might actually be beneficial. You might even be fine to skip the gym today, so long as you enjoy a glass of Merlot.
That being said, Cook's calculations bring something that's more pressing to light. About 24% of Americans said they'd engaged in binge drinking in the past month, while about 7% more said they had drank "heavily." So, even if we don't average 18 bottles of wine a week, more people admit to drinking to excess from time to time.
Both of these groups — heavy drinkers and binge drinkers — raise health concerns, though binge drinking takes a more immediate toll. A single episode of excessive drinking can garner adverse health effects.
The Washington Post recently published a chart that visualized data from Cook's book. Check it out for more food for thought on American drinking habits.

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