Ellen Page & Kate Mara Just Beat Matthew McConaughey At His Own Game

It appears as though the second season of True Detective is close to finding its female lead. According to Variety , Rachel McAdams has officially been offered the role of sheriff Ani Bezzerides, and is close to locking it down.
While we love the idea of a rom-com queen like McAdams showing us her dark side, True Detective's producers clearly haven't seen Funny or Die's hilarious take on their brooding crime drama. If they had, they might want to rethink this whole McAdams thing.
Tiny Detective stars Ellen Page and Kate Mara as pint-sized gumshoes who must contend with a lot more than the dreaded Yellow King. But, for what they lack in height, they more than make up for in heart. Or, something like that.
What happens when a crucial clue is just out of arm's reach? Or, when they can't see the screen at a daily briefing? Check out the first (and probably only) look at Tiny Detective to find out.

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