Three Third Things That Are Better Than A Third Boob

Good things come in threes, as Jasmine Tridevil showed when she displayed her now-infamous third "breast." (Yes, it does look remarkably like a flesh-colored water balloon. And, yes, it's a story that seems less and less likely to be true as time goes on. But, sure. We'll go with it.) Whatever Ms. Tridevil's reasons for the addition, her publicity has proven that the third time's the charm. So, here are three third things we'd rather have than a third boob.
3. A third eye. The pineal gland, sometimes called the "third eye," is a tiny bundle of neurons in the brain that is associated with the production of a few important hormones. This includes melatonin, which is heavily involved in scheduling your sleep-wake cycles. We're not entirely sure where it got its nickname, but it has been traced to the practice of theosophy, an esoteric philosophical school of thought that's concerned with divining truth from nature. And, although the pineal gland probably won't be your conduit to another plane of existence or whatever, it is still pretty useful.
3. A three-day weekend. Adding a third day to your weekend is always an excellent thing, not just because you have an extra day to chill, but also because that means you've only got to deal with four days in your workweek. And, there is science to back up the health benefits of three-day weekends. Studies have shown that we're actually more productive after resting and restoring ourselves. Really, any day when we're not being stressed out in all directions is extremely welcome. An extra 24 hours can make a big difference.
3. An actual third. A threesome may seem like a big jump to make in the bedroom, but if you've talked it through with your partner beforehand and everyone's on the same page, it can be exciting and successful. Communication here is key. With a few simple tips and some realistic expectations, a third could add that extra-special something to an already-fun activity.
So, if a third boob, arm, leg, or other appendage isn't necessarily your style, you can still appreciate these other thirds. Because, while more isn't always better, three is always a magic number.

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