Mayim Bialik Oddball Opinion Update: Frozen Ruined Feminism

frozen_embedPhoto: REX USA/Rob Latour; Courtesy of Disney.
Mayim Bialik, Big Bang Theory actress and woman with a blog bent on shaming Ariana Grande, has another bone to pick with popular culture.
According Bialik, Disney's film Frozen isn't feminist enough. In fact, it's straight-up brought down feminism all together!
Wait: what? A children's movie about the importance of female friendships and strengthening sisterhood bonds to solve a problem isn't feminist enough? Frozen is no Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie speech, but it's not a story where "the search for a man/love/Prince is still the reigning plot line," as Bialik writes.
In "Mayim/Scrooge fashion," Bialik lays out her three reasons for hating Frozen and all its brainwashing ways:
1. The Princeton Mom effect — a.k.a. marrying the Prince is all this story is about. It's because of children's movies like this that women are still not seen as equals in the workforce and are naked on billboards.
2. Frozen's also male-bashing because the handsome Prince that Anna lusts after turns out to be an evil, conniving villain and therefore all men are not to be trusted. Boo men.
3. Frozen provides yet another unrealistic expectation for female bodies.
Bialik's third point is valid. The characters are disproportionate (I mean, they're cartoons for Pete's sake — one is also a talking snowman), but let's not let Bialik's points be the be-all, end-all of why Frozen is brainwashing our youth. In fact, conspiracy theorists argued earlier this year that beneath all of Frozen's animated glitz was a subtextual agenda to turn audiences gay. Now it's a beloved movie fronting as a feminist film with male-bashing themes and a gay agenda! Hide 'yo kids!
Claiming that Frozen isn't doing feminism a solid is like questioning whether the Pope is Catholic. It's not perfect (it rounded out our top 5 in the Disney Princess feminist ranking), but nothing is. The fault in its stars does not outweigh the real driving plot line between Elsa and Anna, and the girl power example they've come to represent.
Bialik's going to have a lot more bones to pick if these are the standards to which she's holding movies now. She might as well boycott all films, all together. Or, she can just ahem let it go. (Huffington Post)

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