The Bowl Cut Just Got A High-Fashion Makeover

embedPhotographed by Georgina Martin.
The Brits love themselves a throwback style. Right on the heels of Alexa Chung's Kindergarten-esque braids, London Fashion Week offered up yet another youth-centric 'do: the bowl cut. And, doesn't it make sense? For us, it's the cut that haunts our old class portraits. For them, it's pure '60s-and-Beatles nostalgia. Either way, it's coming back full-force — but not exactly how you remember it.
Instead of snipping away the length, backstage pro Neil Moodie pulled models' manes into low ponytails. To create the shape, he styled the hair to fall over the ears. He then sprayed the front pieces with Windle & Moodie Matte Texture Spray for a slight bend and a dry, piece-y finish. The entire look was very Little House on the Prairie-meets-Jonathan Taylor Thomas. (But, in a chic way.)
We didn't just spot the hairstyle on London's runways: The front row was also giving it a go. Stylist Leaf Greener was one of the many women seen slinging their ponies low and over their ears. Looks like the faux bowl may be worth dipping into.

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