The First 5 Minutes Of The Saved By The Bell Movie Is More Than Enough

Boy, Lifetime sure is dragging out this whole Saved by The Bell movie thing.
It feels like with every passing week, we get a new sneak peek, first look, sneak look, or first peek at their behind-the-scenes expose of the '90s sitcom. It's like, please show us the movie already. Or, is it really as bad as it looks?
Because, maybe if they unspool what's officially being called The Unauthorized Saved by the Bell Story in 30 second installments over the course of the next few months, we won't be able to figure out how awful it really is.
The network's latest attempt to drum up interest comes in the form of a clip revealing the first five minutes of the made-for-TV movie. We could go into heavy analysis here, detailing how the filmmakers were obviously inspired by the early work of Russian montage master Sergei Eisenstein. Or, how the color palette of Zack's wardrobe is a direct nod to the abstract expressionist painter Wassily Kandinsky. Or, how...okay, we're obviously just trying to show off how educated we are.
This is really just a movie about some former teen idols based on a dubious book written by some guy named Screech. And, if the first five minutes are any indication, it's not a very good one.
Will the fans actually show up to a meet-and-greet in Cincinnati? Does Dustin Diamond get the part of Screech after a sixth callback? Could the girl playing Kelly Kapowski look any less like Tiffany Amber Thiessen?
These burning questions, and many are be answered in the clip below. The Unauthorized Saved by the Bell Story premieres September 1 on Lifetime.

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