This Woman’s Shiny-Hair Secret Is Insane

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We've all had those moments when we read that a vat of ketchup and six egg whites will make our manes shine and we seriously consider mixing ourselves up a batch. Well, my friends, this is one hair miracle you won't find on Pinterest. One woman told xoJane she found that semen made her locks seriously soft and shiny. [Insert jizz joke here.]
Anyone who has had sex with a man before knows that it's sometimes hard to wrangle the aftermath of his orgasm. Stuff can sometimes get where it doesn't belong, which explains how this woman got semen in her hair. Once she got around to washing the stuff out, she noticed that it left her locks soft and super shiny. She did some research and also learned that semen contains certain vitamins that promote hair growth. Alas, that part of her experiment was never tested, as it's kind of difficult to ask a dude, "Hey, do you mind hanging onto your ejaculate so I can rub it all up in my hair?"
But, semen wasn't the only crazy substance she slathered on her scalp. Click over to xoJane to read all five of her out-of-the-box tips for strands that shine. And, think twice before you give side-eye when someone mentions a money shot. (xoJane)

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