Introducing The Perfume Cookie, Because Chocolate Chip Is So Basic

Have you ever had that feeling where you eat something and it tastes strangely similar to how something completely different from it smells? Well, Estée Lauder and Milk Bar recently teamed up to recreate this experience. The bakery and the cosmetics giant have created a cookie inspired by Estée Lauder's iconic perfume, Private Collection.
It's a storied fragrance: Estée Lauder herself wore a personal scent made from a special blend of essential oils. Eventually, she released her secret blend and dubbed it Private Collection. Bulgarian rose was, and still is, the cornerstone of this fragrance, and it's what inspired Milk Bar's cookie. Rose extract, dried strawberries, and vanilla combine to create a delicious treat (trust us — we got to sample one).
So, while there isn't any perfume in the actual dessert (thankfully), it's 100% perfume-inspired. The catch? Milk Bar isn't selling these guys in stores. But, Estée Lauder has the full recipe over on the brand's site. It's definitely involved, though, so expect to spend some time in your kitchen. But, when it comes to cookies, is there ever such a thing as too much effort?

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