Electric Zoo’s Anti-Molly PSA Leaked—& Will Trip You Out

Via YouTube
As part of its Come to Life campaign, Electric Zoo planned to require all ticket holders to watch an anti-drug video before entering the festival. The video (which leaked a few weeks ahead of Labor Day Weekend, EZoo's official date) specifically warns against using MDMA — if not for any other reason, then because you'll sweat way more than is appropriate.
After two Molly-related deaths at last year's Electric Zoo, the festival was obligated to take direct action. But, given the drug's recent return to the mainstream, it might take more than a video with a dramatization of the quietest EDM show ever to dissuade Molly's more committed users. Though the acting may be a bit stilted ("I'm sweating! It's gonna be dope!"), the video makes Come to Life's message loud and clear: “Don’t miss the moment. Be present. Avoid the risks.”
Funnily enough, the video leaves out some key details: Free water stations and medical tents will be available around the festival grounds. Festival organizers likely chose not to include these harm-reduction methods in their video in hopes of maintaining their new zero-tolerance attitude. Still, real-world plans like these (ones that extend beyond warnings or optimistic preventative measures) make up for whatever authenticity the video itself lacks. Electric Zoo may hope to see a change in its image — but at its root, it's still an electronic dance music festival. And, many people have a hard time breaking the association between EDM and MDMA.
We'll have to wait until Labor Day to see how many festivalgoers will listen to Come to Life's message. Until then, let's remember a time when anti-drug PSAS were a little less sweaty.

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