Sharknado 2: The Best Tweets

Last night, Sharknado 2: The Second One took New York by storm. More accurately, two sharknadoes combined with a third sharknado to form an EF5. The result was at first catastrophic, seeing the beheading of many a cameo actor. Thunder Levin wasted no time getting to the action. By the end, New Yorkers emerged triumphant, thanks to Fin's quick thinking. We saw daytime TV hosts kill sharks. We saw Tara Reid kill sharks. And, we saw a number of people killin' it on Twitter with their live-tweet action. Refreshing our 140-character feeds became almost as entertaining as watching the movie — almost. Ahead, tweets that had us slow clapping long after the credits rolled.
Clearly, we are hitting a cultural touchstone, here.
Hey, same with us.
Mark McGrath lives, y'all.
Best. Cameo. Ever.
We said this, like, 17 times last night.
Hopefully, he is referring to the intense emotions between the sharks and New York City.
Someone call the State Department.
Sick burn.
The great Finke weighs in.
Sharknado 2: The Voice Of Reason.
They...should have...sent a...poet...
Well, this may be the best tweet on Twitter, ever.
The just "had" this, "laying around?"
Real talk: The Today Show was killing it.

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