Brad Pitt Will Now Also Be Played By A Woman

emilyhampshire-embedPhoto: Via @emhampshire.
Fresh off the news that Thor is about to become a hammer-wielding woman comes more gender-recasting. The Syfy adaptation of Terry Gilliam's 1995 film 12 Monkeys will take a similar liberty.
The upcoming series sticks to the movie's same general story, in which a person travels back in time to stop a deadly plague (it's threatening to eradicate humanity, as deadly plagues generally do). While we already knew that Brad Pitt would not return as Jeffrey Goines — nor would Bruce Willis reprise his role as Cole — today's casting update has us undeniably stoked for the small-screen version.
Said update is this: Canadian actress Emily Hampshire will inhabit the role previously portrayed by Pitt. But, instead of Jeffrey Goines, she'll be Jennifer Goines.
So, we're officially loving this brave new gender-blind-casting world into which we have entered. Major props to Syfy for continuing the trend it very well may have started when Katee Sackhoff took over the role of Battlestar Galactica's Starbuck, which was originally played by Dirk Benedict (who was better in The A-Team, frankly).
How did Emily react to the news that she'd be filling Brad's shoes? In a totally awesome — and hilarious — way. "Finally I'm being called a LADY!" the actress captioned this Instagram post. (The Wrap)

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