Adorable Dog Faints From Excitement

Anything can excite a dog: an old shoe, a new piece of paper, garbage. We don't love them because of their discerning taste. But, nothing gets them more excited than the return of their owners. And, this dog got so worked up, he howled and howled until he just fell over. Boom. He fainted, mid-yelp.
The schnauzer, Casey, belongs to the Ehalt family in Pennsylvania. Rebecca Ehalt had temporarily moved to Slovenia, and this is what happened when she returned home. It's so adorable, you might be tempted to leave your dog for a really long time just to see what happens. If he does not fall over, just ask, "Why can't you be more like Casey?" But, ask it like you're really excited — he will be so happy. But, he probably won't faint. (MTV)

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