The Worst Vanity-Sizers Might Surprise You

According to the Library of Congress, “The scientific consensus states that the likelihood of two large snow crystals being identical is zero.” And, according to Racked, a scientific consensus states that likelihood of two brands’ size 8 pants being identical is zero. Oh, Mother Nature/retailers.
Racked compared pairs of jeans from 25 different stores and found "the average measurement for a size eight was 28.9 [inches] for the waist and 38.7 [inches] around the hips." Imports Uniqlo and Zara shill over-sized 8s, with four inches added to Uniqlo waists and two inches to Zara’s hips. "But, the worst offender of all when it came to irregular sizing was Need Supply," Racked reports. Its "in-house line measured in at 31 to 32.5 [inches] for the waist and 41 to 42.5 [inches] for the hips," measurements, the site adds, which would be a size 12 In Urban Outfitters' BDG line. Need Supply: For Your Vanity-Sizing Needs.
The wares at Urban, Old Navy, and Forever 21 fit fairly close to average. As did J.Crew’s, despite the brand’s recent headline-making introduction of size 000 or XXXS pants. Guess we can cut Lyons & Co. some slack — metaphorically, that is. (Racked)

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