eBay Will Soon Be A Way Better Place To Buy Designer Bags

celine-1Photo: Courtesy of Céline.
You know the feeling. You're hovering over an eBay "Buy It Now" link, wondering whether or not to pull the trigger on those sold-out Céline Tuxedo boots, or a sick pair of Dior earrings. The voice of caution whispers in your head: But, can I afford it? More importantly, despite that legit-looking certificate of authenticity, are they real?
Now, shoppers can feel at least a little more confident they're getting the real deal. Reuters reports that LVMH and eBay Inc. have settled a suit over the sale of counterfeit goods. LVMH, the parent company of many fashion brands, like Marc Jacobs and Fendi, instigated the suit in 2008, accusing eBay of allowing fakes to be sold on its site. LVMH further stated in its suit that even the sale of genuine luxury items, such as purses and perfumes, through eBay and other non-approved vendors hurt its sales.
LVMH and eBay said in a statement about the settlement: "Thanks to our joint efforts, consumers will enjoy a safer digital environment globally," Reuters reports.
There are currently no further details on what those measures will entail, but it could be argued that the sale of counterfeit goods on eBay doesn't only affect the luxury brands' bottom line and brand image. It also affects eBay, with many shoppers reluctant to buy unvouched-for goods. And, any move to quash doubts about an item's provenance can only be a good thing. How our credit card statements will feel about this newfound freedom remains to be seen. (Reuters)

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