Guess What? The World Of Game Of Thrones Is Fake

This is the dark time. This is that awkward moment of the year between epic TV shows, when you've finished Orange Is the New Black and all that's left is watching True Blood slowly slide into irrelevance.
Sure, you could go to the beach. Or you could watch this awesome effects reel from Mackevision, the effects house responsible for Game of Thrones' awesome visuals. The company's artists have reason to be showoffs, too, considering that the show was just nominated for 19 Emmys, including Outstanding Special and Visual Effects.
We'll issue a very mild spoiler alert here, too, just in case you thought the gilded spires of King's Landing were real.
Hopefully that'll help you through the GoT between-season gap. If not, here's a little four-letter tidbit from series creator George R.R. Martin, who recently had some choice words for fans who are worried that he'll die before he finishes writing the books. Those words begin with F and U, and they are A-OK with us. (Mother Jones)

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