A Boozy (Easy!) Recipe For Red, White, & Blue Slushies

slushie-embeddedPhoto: Courtesy of Tattooed Martha.
There's plenty to love about the Fourth of July: cookouts, sunshine, fireworks, theme dressing. The only thing we sometimes don't love is that it's so, so hot out. That's why we'll be making these icy, boozy slushies this Independence Day. They're basically like rocket pops for grown-ups. And, since they're made with real fruit and honey instead of sugar, we're trying to convince ourselves this is a healthy decision. These frozen goodies are perfect for a patriotic party or for just holding against your forehead for a second between sips.

Red, White, & Booze Slushies

Makes 2


Blue Layer

1 cup fresh blueberries, frozen overnight
1 tbsp honey
1 oz rum (we like Sailor Jerry)

White Layer
Juice from 1 lemon
2 handfuls of ice cubes
1 oz rum
1 tbsp honey

Red Layer
1 cup fresh strawberries, hulled and cut in half, frozen overnight
1 tbsp honey
1 oz rum

1. In a food processor or blender, puree blueberries, honey, and rum until smooth. Distribute evenly into two glasses and place in the freezer for 15 to 20 minutes.

2. Rinse out your blender or processor and puree lemon juice, ice, honey, and rum. Distribute evenly atop the blueberry slush and put back in the freezer.
3. Since your last layer was white/clear you don’t really need to rinse out the blender again. Add strawberries, honey, and rum, and puree until smooth. Add on top of the white layer and then freeze for about 5 minutes. Serve right away or make the night before. If making ahead, put them in the refrigerator for 45 minutes to an hour before serving.

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