Johnny Depp As Gangster Whitey Bulger Will Haunt Your Dreams

johnny-depp-whitey-bulger-embedPhoto: Patriot Pics/FAMEFLYNET PICTURES.
Johnny Depp is 51, but he's never actually looked it — until today. The actor was photographed in character as Whitey Bulger for Black Mass, the biopic on the infamous Boston gangster currently in production. It's pretty terrifying.
You expect the ruddy-skin makeup, added wrinkles, and receding hairline — not to mention those wiry combed-back blond strands. What you're definitely not prepared for, though, are the eyes. It looks like Depp is wearing blue contacts that turn his irises into milky oases of vacancy. He's staring directly into your soul and possibly performing an exorcism. For comparison's sake, here's the real Whitey Bulger:
whiteybulger-615x400Photo: Courtesy of Boston PD.
Not quite as soul-sucking. Still, Bulger is serving time at a U.S. penitentiary, so it’s probably for the best that his movie self isn’t cuddly and inviting.
The film is scheduled to hit theaters on September 18, 2015, so plan your sleep schedule accordingly. (Daily Mail)

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