Lena Headey Goes Full Cersei On Jimmy Kimmel

To see her out of character, Lena Headey would appear to be nothing but a perfectly nice woman who has equal respect for humans and Muppets alike.
As Cersei Lannister from Game of Thrones, however, she's perhaps the paragon of drunken cruelty. This is, after all, the woman who so sweetly said to Margaery Tyrell, "If you ever call me 'sister' again, I'll have you strangled in your sleep."
Headey brought a bit of that feistiness with her to Jimmy Kimmel Live last night. The host provided her with the requisite flagon of wine and asked her to roast him like the boar that gored Cersei's late husband.
In front of the studio audience, Headey manages to maintain remarkable composure as she insults Kimmel's sexual prowess, among other things. She's all glares, eyebrows, and heart-chilling smiles. Even the host flubs one of his barbs in the face of that.
Then again, Kimmel's no Tyrion. (E!)

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