Your Shower Water May Be Messing With Your Hair

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When we jump into the shower to lather up, we expect to step out feeling cleaner than we did before we got in. But, not all water is created equal. While there are varying types of H2O, it's typically broken down into two categories: hard and soft. And, depending on which side of the spectrum the stuff coursing through your shower head lands on, this water can actually make your hair fall flat. Luckily, xoVain has the scoop on how to combat your aqua issues.
Hard water is mineral-heavy, which means you need a supercharged shampoo to get out the gunk. Soft water, on the other hand, is devoid of all that stuff. Sounds better, right? Well, according to xoVain, soft water can actually make it insanely hard for you to rinse out your products, too — making these two issues different sides of the same coin. So, how do you deal? Head over to xoVain for a full rundown on water, as well as product recommendations. This is one battle your shower head just won't win. (xoVain)

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