Lighten Your Hair Color Without Frying Your Scalp

EMBPhotographed by Nina Westervelt.
Now that summer has officially rolled around, the platinum trend is hitting a fever pitch. Women are scooping up bleach bottles left and right and embracing their lighter strands with full force. But, if you've got brown or black hair, you may be sitting on the sidelines, cursing your inability to go white-blonde without winding up with a bathroom floor covered in fried-to-a-crisp locks. We've got news: You can get in on the trend, too. And, Fashionista has the scoop on how to get yours in the platinum-hair department, while still maintaining your scalp and strands.
The first thing you've got to come to terms with is the fact that it's going to be a long process, especially if you've got darker hair. There is no magic mix of bleach and fairy dust that will turn you from brunette to blonde overnight. According to hair colorist Aura Freidman, who was behind Lady Gaga's strands, you should be prepared for multiple tangos with your bleach bottle. Also, she warns that your hair may actually turn orange before it goes platinum, so you'll want to invest in some cute hats. Or, you know, just embrace the tangerine shade. Need more info? Head over to Fashionista to get all the details.

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