Netflix Considering Wet Hot American Prequel

Netflix, in what is undoubtedly the best non-Kimye news that could possibly happen on this blessed Saturday, may be planning a 10-episode prequel series to the Best Movie Ever, known to you as Wet Hot American Summer.
No official commentary has been made, but Variety has a pretty legitimate-sounding scoop. Reportedly, the series would be produced by David Wain and Michael Showalter (yay!) and would detail the high school antics of our beloved camp counselors. The best part? Variety's sources say the show would bring back the original cast to play teenagers, which would clearly be hilarious, since they're now 13 years older than they were in 2001, when the film was released.
Wain previously hinted that he might be involved in such a project, but since 2011, there hasn't been much news on the prequel front. While we breathlessly await an announcement, it's worth noting that this seems like a perfect fit both for Netflix (in the vein of the Arrested Development revival) and for a group of actors who, for the most part, have remained committed to a very particular comedic perspective throughout their careers.
At press time, neither Netflix nor Messrs. Wain and Showalter could be reached for comment, as both were on their way back to their bunks to fondle their sweaters prepare some fondue with cheddar cheese for dinner tonight.

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