OITNB's Ladies Will Do Anything To Look Good

When it comes to daily beauty routines in prison, necessity is the mother of invention — and the do-it-yourself spirit is essential. No eyeliner? No problem. That's why Sharpies exist. No luffa? A toilet-bowl brush usually does the trick (plus those hard bristles make for quite the exfoliator).
The ladies of Litchfield Correctional demonstrate how it's done in a slew of Orange Is The New Black season 2 promotional posters. Netflix released them into the digi-wild this week, complete with short animated clips just in case fans wanted a mini tutorial on prison beauty 101. Watch as Sophia pulls an Ariel and teases her weave with a dinglehopper fork. It might not get the same volume, but hey, it works — much like Morello's paper bouquet of flowers for that wedding she's been vying for (fingers crossed the new episodes bear the fruit of her patience).
The rest of the posters are set to be released in the near future. Keep your (crazy) eyes peeled for Suzanne's chocolate-vanilla swirl. It's definitely not a beauty D.I.Y., but hey, desperate times sometimes call for ice cream hair masks. The second season of OITNB premieres June 6.
oitnb_02Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
oitnb_03Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
oitnb_05Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
oitnb_01Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
oitnb_06Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
oitnb_07Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
oitnb_04Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.

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