This Is Both The Cutest & The Most Depressing Cartoon We’ve Seen All Week

This short animation from Kyungmin Woo at South Korea's Alfred Imageworks starts off looking cute as hell. In it, an oblivious employee of the Johnny Express galactic delivery service begrudgingly wakes up after landing on an apparently desolate planetoid. He looks around for a package's recipient, totally unaware that below his feet is a sprawling civilization of tiny purple creatures.
And, that's when the massacre of the local population begins. Just watch:
You could read it as commentary on globalization, on the carbon cost that shipping services take on the planet, or on the butterfly effect of both military and cultural imperialism, when a foreign power's seemingly minor steps forever change the native landscape. Poor purple people.
Or, just squee or whatever. It's Friday, so go nuts either way. (Sploid)

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