Your Favorite TV Show Might Be Getting Canceled

1Photo: Courtesy of NBC.
It's time to brace yourselves, television fans. Every year, networks go through a purge process, clearing out shows that aren't bringing in the big bucks and making room on the schedule for new pilots. Unfortunately, that time is now, and even more unfortunately, some of the most beloved programs are on the chopping block.
This isn't because television networks like to see audiences suffer; rather, many shows acquire cult or niche (read: passionate yet small) followings that don't translate into big ratings. If the money isn't coming in, there's not a whole lot anybody is willing to do about it.
Without further adieu, below are the seven shows that are at risk of getting the axe. Many of them are ramping up campaigns to stay on the air, so if you're determined to get another season or two with your favorite characters, keep a sharp eye on social media to see how you can help.
Nashville (ABC)
The Crazy Ones (CBS)
Crisis (NBC)
Revenge (ABC)
Community (NBC)
Trophy Wife (ABC)
Believe (NBC)

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