Yet Another Reason To Throw Out Your Anti-Microbials

If you read R29 Wellness regularly, you know exactly how we feel about things like hand sanitizer and antibacterial soap. First of all, antimicrobial products are believed to contribute to the emergence of antibiotic-resistant diseases. And, the products contain triclosan, an endocrine-disrupting chemical that's found in a number of beauty products and antimicrobials. Triclosan can potentially make your allergies worse, and there's considerable evidence that it may actually lower your body's ability to ward off illness.
Just in case you needed another reason to resist the urge to commit mass germicide, a new study suggests that triclosan could promote the growth of breast cancer cells.
In the study, published in the journal Chemical Research In Toxicology, researchers tested the effects of triclosan and octylphenol on human breast cancer cells (both in petri dishes and on live mouse subjects). They found that the chemicals interfered with cancer growth genes — causing cancer cell proliferation in the petri dishes and larger tumors on the mice.
This study is the latest in a long line of existing research on the detrimental effects of endocrine-disrupting chemicals like triclosan, which mimic hormones and wreak havoc on our basic body processes. Especially considering the FDA's claims that using antimicrobial products is no better than washing with regular soap and water, maybe it's time to give up the goop for good. (Science Daily)

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