HBO GO’s New Videos Comically Turn Up The Awkward

Kanye West and Jay Z famously rapped that gorillas get the people going. They should've waited a hot minute because HBO GO and, more specifically, its ads, really get the people going. Seven short clips were released this week to promote the premium cable streaming service. Funny commercials aren't just for the Super Bowl, folks. No siree!
The new ads highlight the sheer awkwardness that comes with watching an HBO show in your own living room. Something as seemingly innocent as Girls' Marnie and Jessa hanging out in a fancy apartment can quickly turn into a girl-on-girl make-out sesh with a giddy Chris O'Dowd trying to weasel his way in. Normally, that'd be chill; you'd watch and not think twice about what you just witnessed. However, if your mom walks in at that exact moment, well, now you're just uncomfortable.
The brilliance of these ads lies in how comfortable the parental units are. They're just doing their thing, using their youthful spawn's favorite shows as a means of discussing some important life lessons. Suddenly, a True Detective scene featuring an unfaithful Woody Harrelson becomes a father-son lecture on how faithful said father is to his wife.
Sigh. All of this could've been avoided if these kids just had HBO GO and watched Game of Thrones in the privacy of their bedrooms. (Granted, only if HBO GO is functioning properly.) Click through to watch them all.

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