The Office Stare Machine Will Look Right Back At You

officeembedPhoto: Courtesy of NBC.
The longest running gag on The Office was also its central one — the seldom-referred-to but tacitly acknowledged supposition that all of the employees of Dunder Mifflin were under the ever-watchful eye of a documentary crew.
This allowed each of them to frequently break the fourth wall, stopping the office action to gaze right into the camera. Jim had his "help me" stares, and Dwight his glimmers of "I'm about to do something unspeakably weird/gross/annoying."
Now, you can stare back at them. From the creators of The Office Time Machine (if you don't know it, start there first) comes The Office Stare Machine, giving you instant gratification whenever you want to watch a fictional TV character look back at you with a given emotion. Simply type in a feeling, and the Stare Machine searches its vast database before producing a seamless stream of what we're hoping are fair-use clips.
Maybe you want to gaze into the abyss of Dwight doing a blast-beat on his groin. (Search "horny.") Maybe you want to watch Toby take a swig from a Barolo bottle. (Search "drunk.") You want to see people feeling melancholy? Discomfited? Devilish? Sheepish? The Stare Machine has them all.
It's even got happy, if you're into that sort of thing. (The AV Club)

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