Gone Girl Gets Its First Trailer, Oscar Buzz Grows Louder

Well, folks, we officially live in a new age of movie making and advertising. Just like music videos get teased through twee lyric videos, movie trailers are getting their own trailers. (That's the hype machine for ya.)
Anyway, Ben Affleck's enigmatic flick Gone Girl is beginning to make more sense. Directed by David Fincher, this might be the first surefire film of 2014 to get the Oscar buzz a-buzzin'. Fincher adopted Gillian Flynn's best-selling novel of the same name for the silver screen. Affleck assumes the role of the philandering husband of a missing, potentially murdered wife. The story follows Affleck's quest for answers that ironically makes him look like the bad guy. Whether he's to blame or not drives the fast-paced tale.
Its yet-to-be-seen footage from March's CinemaCon was billed a triumph of noir and Fincher-like tendencies (heavily guised foreshadowing and a tremendous soundtrack). Said footage will finally air tonight, but, as head-scratching as the notion of a movie trailer trailer might be, Gone Girl's certainly set the bar pretty high.

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