Refresh Your Meme-ory With This History Of Image Macros

Memory is already a fickle thing, but the daily churn of Internet content tends to make it even more glue-huffy. When, exactly, was the last time you thought about Samwell's seminal "What What (In the Butt)"?
Memes, ever-changing in nature, are even trickier. Perhaps, like me, you forgot the exact scene in The Lord of the Rings in which Gandalf looked confused, or where the "I should buy a boat" cat came from. (It was Bjork's music video for "Triumph of a Heart.")
Never fear. YouTuber "Top10Memes," a.k.a. Lemmino, has compiled a nearly six-minute video figuring some of the Internet's best known memes and their source material. Most were ripped from movies and TV, including Admiral Ackbar's "It's a trap" from Star Wars and Fry from Futurama's slit-eyed "Not sure if" macros. There are, however, a few straight web classics, like "Hello, this is dog" and "Overly Attached Girlfriend."

Your workday can wait. (Sploid)

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