TV Shows We Can’t Believe We Stuck With

It was pretty monumental when How I Met Your Mother ended after nine seasons. But, it was also kind of a relief. It had been a long, hard road for fans of the series. The relationship started out just great — we connected with Marshall, Lily, Ted, Robin, and Barney almost immediately. The running jokes always made us laugh, and we genuinely cared about what happened to the MacLaren's gang. But, then, it just kept going...and going, and going.
Now, we wonder how we ever committed to nine years of the sitcom. When it ended, instead of feeling nostalgic and teary-eyed about the show, we were kind of exasperated and ready for things to wrap up already.
We partly blame the writers for leading us down this road. But, it certainly isn't the first time we've begrudgingly stuck with a show for way too long (Dexter, anyone?). Ahead, we rehash the shows that led us slightly astray — maybe next time around we'll learn from our mistakes.

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