Veep Alert: 2 New Deleted Scenes For Maximum Cringe

veepembedPhoto: Courtesy of HBO.
Is this Monday going well for you? Are you happy, fulfilled, and not deeply embarrassed about everything you do and/or say? Well, it's time to change that, because HBO has dropped two new deleted scenes from its most cringe-tastic TV show and glorious Julia Louis-Dreyfus vehicle, Veep. The show is back on April 6, and you know it's going to be a hot mess as usual. Much like Game of Thrones, fans are hungrily snatching up every teeny, tiny bit of teaser we get before that hallowed date arrives.
Clearly, the beloved sitcom is on everyone's brain at the moment. And, speaking of brains, we took this opportunity to pick Stephanie Laing's. She's the producer of Veep (as well as Banshee and Eastbound & Down), and thus is chock-full of behind-the-scenes information on the set and its stars. Not surprisingly, these deleted scenes are as painful to cut for the show's editors as they are joyful for viewers. "Honestly, I wish they all made the cut. It's too hard to pick one," Laing laments. "Our scripts are long for a half-hour comedy, so we know going into it that some scenes will be cut. I really hate to see anything with Jonah end up on the cutting-room floor." She's right — especially given the lack of laugh track, the show is pretty much packed with dialogue.
Though you just know the atmosphere is alive with hilarity, the script isn't particularly prone to improvisation. "Each episode takes months to write," Laing explains. "Veep is unique in that we rehearse for two or more days per episode; this is also part of the writing process." Of course, it's iterative, if you don't mind our use of an annoying buzzword: "We put each scene on its feet to work it out, and the cast add the improv before we are on set filming. Of course, we have the best cast, and they bring the magic every time the camera is rolling."
And, the magic is just as potent as ever in these deleted scenes. First off, that unfortunate lunch with the ever-so-sullen Catherine:
Hit the next page for another deleted scene featured on the season two DVD release.
As you can see in the clip below, the show's take on political jargon and nonsense talk is pretty spot on. The show employs three D.C. consultants to get that vibe just right.
Is it Mike or Gandhi? Either way, it's a winning streak.

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