American Horror Story Season 4 Cast — Who's Returning?

coven1-0Photo: Courtesy of FX.
Though American Horror Story: Coven is still fresh in its TV grave, reports of what fans can expect come season four's impending fall 2014 release date are already beginning to surface.
It's already been reported that this, begrudgingly, will be Jessica Lange's final Horror Story playbill. And, if that's not a bitter pill to swallow, Lily Rabe's scheduling conflicts will be even more bitter. She's slated to star in another drama, ABC's The Visitors, which would interfere with AHS' schedule. The same goes for the cast's resident fiery redhead, Frances Conroy, a staple of the past three seasons, who has remained silent on her future endeavors and schedule.
Luckily, Sarah Paulson, the cast's real Supreme, will be returning. Evan Peters, despite his dwindling screen time over the show's history, has expressed his hope to be called back. His character's love interest from both Murder House and Coven, Taissa Farmiga, is set to star in The Final Girls, which, like Lily Rabe, could prevent her from returning. As for the rest of the now familiar cast members like Denis O'Hare, Emma Roberts, and Zachary Quinto, well, the jury's out there. The same goes for Angela Bassett, Coven's resident badass chick.
Stay tuned for updates now that the ball has begun rolling. But, prepare yourselves, things could get a lil' witchy up in here. (Oh No They Didn't!)

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