The 5-Second Rule Is True

002__MG_7937_EvaKSalviPhotographed by Eva K. Salvi.
Good news: That popcorn you picked up off the floor and ate isn't going to make you sick. That is, as long as you pick it up right away. According to Science Daily, new research suggests that the so-called five-second rule is actually accurate. A group of biology students at Aston University had the fun task of observing a variety of common bacterias (E.coli, Staphylococcus aureus) on various surfaces — from carpet to tile — which were then transferred to sweet and savory food items of different textures.
As predicted, the longer the contact with floor, the greater amount of microbes. And, believe it or not, the type of flooring you drop your food on plays a major role in how much bacteria will transfer. So, you'll be in better shape if the sausage from your pizza rolls on to the carpet versus a laminate or tile floor — minus the stain, of course. But, make no mistake. The five-second rule doesn't protect you from potentially getting a queasy tummy. "Consuming food dropped on the floor still carries an infection risk as it very much depends on which bacteria are present on the floor at the time," said Professor Hilton in the study. But, with 87% of the people surveyed admitting they would or have eaten food that missed their mouths, it's safe to say that old habits die hard no matter what the consequences may be. (Science Daily)

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