Lindsay Airs — So, What Did You Think?

1lindsaymainImage: Via OWN.
After much hype, Lindsay finally premiered last night on OWN. As expected, there were mini-meltdowns, words of wisdom from Oprah Winfrey, and, um, Fetch T-shirts. The question is, is this eight-episode docu-series chronicling Lindsay Lohan's struggle to get her life back together post-rehab really worth watching?
It's hard to say. There were several moments last night that were hard to watch. While we credit Lohan for her bravery in exposing her private demons and battle to stay sober, she clearly has plenty of issues to deal with. The 27-year-old actress points out that she has to miss AA meetings when the paparazzi are camped outside — rather than risk them tagging along. In that case, we have to wonder if filming a reality show — even one with Oprah on board — is helping her recovery, or providing another distraction.
We squirmed when Lohan spoke of trust issues stemming from her relationship with her father. This flares up when her broker lets her down and when she feels she's been lied to about a photo shoot. No doubt this will be a recurring theme as the show continues.
Still, the show wasn't without moments of levity, particularly when Lohan discovered a crumpled ball gown and piles of Mean Girls T-shirts lurking in storage. Yeah, we love that she still owns "Fetch" shirts, and this fact alone reminds us why we care so much about what she does with her life. The Lindsay Lohan of late has been a punchline and moments like these help us remember the LiLo we used to adore. This makes us want to fight for her.
Perhaps Lohan would be better left locked in a room with Winfrey, who stops her from going to Europe and dispenses advice like, "The vultures are waiting to pick your bones." It's hard to watch this without wondering if we might be one of those cruel birds of prey.

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