3 Exercise Machines You’re Not Using, But Should Be

02_R29-Fitness-314_AaronRichterPhotographed by Aaron Richter.
You're a Soul Cycle devotee and don't hesitate to lace up your running shoes for a quick and dirty workout. While there's no denying that both are excellent forms of exercise, Time reports that there are three essential pieces of fitness equipment that you're not using — but should be. Now, you may have played around with one — or all — of these tools while waiting for your coveted treadmill, but consistency is key if you want to reap the benefits. But, don't take our word for it. Time asked Greg Justice, an exercise physiologist at AYC Health & Fitness in Kansas City to dish on the machines at the gym that are gathering unnecessary dust.
For starters, there's the rowing machine. It works upper and lower body, so why wouldn't you want to jump on this one-stop shop? Added bonus: If you want to maximize your burn, check out these tips. Last but not least (and a bit more modern) are the TRX-like suspension trainers. According to Justice, these belts and straps are an amazingly fast full-body workout, as innocent and simple as they may look. So, next time you are looking to squeeze in a sweat sesh, try these gut- and butt-busters on for size — and, maybe, avoid these deceiving machines while you're at it. (Time)

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