Noah Ads Will Feature A Biblical Disclaimer Because That's A Thing Now

Russell-Crowe-as-Noah-014Photo: Courtesy of Paramount Pictures.
So this is new. In a move aimed to appease conservative Christians, Paramount Pictures has announced that a religious disclaimer will precede all marketing material for Noah, Darren Aronofsky's upcoming religious epic, based on the iconic biblical story.
The "explanatory message," as the studio calls it, will read: "The film is inspired by the story of Noah. While artistic license has been taken, we believe that this film is true to the essence, values, and integrity of a story that is a cornerstone of faith for millions of people worldwide. The biblical story of Noah can be found in the book of Genesis."
Studios always face a tricky balancing act when it comes to marketing and releasing films about faith. Since there have been only murmurs of outcry surrounding the release of Noah so far, this looks like a preemptive move by Paramount more than anything. The studio was approached by religious leaders concerned that the public might mistake Aronofsky's retelling of the famous story for a literal interpretation of the events written in the Bible.
"My intent in reaching out to Paramount with this request was to make sure everyone who sees this impactful film knows this is an imaginative interpretation of Scripture, and not literal,” said Jerry A. Johnson, president of the National Religious Broadcasters, a conservative Christian organization.
Noah stars Russell Crowe as the titular hero and hits theaters on March 28. (Jezebel)

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