Spike Or Angel? Buffy Finally Chooses

spike-angelPhoto: Courtesy 20th Century Fox Television.
Has this been bugging you? It's been bugging us. After, what, 11 years since the end of Buffy The Vampire Slayer and 10 since the end of Angel, we still didn't know with which black-clad bloodsucker with a soul Buffy Summers wanted to spend the rest of her life.
Now, just to hold you back for a second, we recognize that both of them did awful things to Buffy — some of them abusive, some of them bordering on rape. All those cases, however, were done with intent by Whedon at times when the characters had, quite literally, no souls. Can't forget it, but we can forgive it. Oh, and, yes, we know Joss Whedon's continued the adventures of the Sunnydale Slayer in comic books and other media and her relationship with Spike and Angel as well. But, to us, Buffy will always be Sarah Michelle Gellar and, until we heard from her, the question remained unsettled.
Well, today Summers/Gellar finally made her choice on a Reddit Ask Me Anything (AMA). After our '90s girl-crush entertained a few general questions about her career, Redditor WilliamTheBloody3 (nice name), asked simply, "Spike or Angel?" Gellar responded in equally unequivocal terms — are you ready for it? — "ANGEL" (she didn't even put in punctuation).
Naturally, this spurred continued debate on the thread. WilliamTheBloody3 summed up what many must be thinking with the respone, "but... Spike...." We feel you WilliamTheBloody3, we feel you.
Even though we have some measure of closure, the Spike or Angel debate will, no doubt, rage on in our hearts up to (and perhaps after) the day we die. Now, it is no longer a question of who Buffy would choose. It's a question of who you choose. Let us know. (Reddit)

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