Um, Why Shouldn't Google Run The Academy Awards?

Like it or not, the tech giant seems to be running pretty much every aspect of our lives these days — communications, mapping, scheduling, entertainment, creepy consumer electronics, home media — you name it. Indeed, why shouldn't they run the Oscars?
Google has the power of numbers on its side. In fact, Google just shared a list of which nominated films and performers would win if, indeed, statues were handed out by search volume alone. Best Picture? The Wolf of Wall Street. Best Actor and Actress? Leonardo DiCaprio and Amy Adams. Best Supporting Actor and Actress? Jared Leto and Jennifer Lawrence. See, the results may not be perfect — 12 Years A Slave and Matthew McConaughey get shafted — but really, the Academy has done so much worse in the past, why not just let the number crunchers take over and be done with it? It's at least worth a shot. Just ponder it, why don't you, when you're watching the big show this Sunday.

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