Golden Gate’s Downside — Jumpers Hit Scary Numbers

mainPhoto: Via Instagram/Eric Bailey.
Our glorious Golden Gate is a wonderful source for those picturesque aww-inducing moments, not to mention our gateway to wine country. But sadly, it also comes with a staggering mortality rate. In 2013, the bridge hit its absolute highest number of suicides, coming in at sobering 46 fatalities in one year. This, on top of another 118 attempts. 
This heartbreaking trend of tragedies has reached its highest peak since 2000, and only stresses the importance of prevention. One idea is that of a safety net to catch, or deter, attempting jumpers. If such a precaution was implemeted, the project would come with the hefty cost of $66 million, which has left the city fumbling for the cash to start such an extensive undertaking. Until then, authorities maintain enforcement by patrolling the area. We dearly hope these numbers will take a turn for the better. (The Independent)

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