Oprah Can’t Take A Selfie — & Here’s Proof

Oprah Winfrey: actress, producer, philanthropist, legendary car-giver. With a lifetime of achievements under her belt, what can't she do? Well, according to The Gloss, it seems this wonder woman has a hard time taking a decent selfie. Winfrey tweeted her first self-portrait at last night's NAACP Image Awards. We'll give bonus points for taking it with Idris Elba, but a major deduction for only managing to get half of her face in frame.
But, Op isn't the only celeb struggling with snaps. The Gloss reminds us that home-entertaining queen Martha Stewart has had a few Twitter snafus of her own: horrible food photography, of all things. Certainly, no one expects Bon Appétit-quality photos to come from an iPhone, but we'd argue the average Joe could probably manage more attractive food-porn images. But, in the end, what's the big deal? These ladies are only human — not superhuman, after all — and it's sort of comforting to see they're actually not that perfect. (The Gloss)

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