Lena Dunham, New Superwoman, Saves Adventure Time!

Hannah Horvath, we are most definitely not in Greenpoint anymore. Lena Dunham traded the #drama-life of HBO's Girls for the cartoon-life of Adventure Time's Betty. And, unsurprisingly, she and her lil' animated self stole the show. (Which, if you aren't amongst the hoards of AT's cult of fans, is a pretty darn hard thing to do.)
Basically, Bella Noche is free and the Ice King's crown is usurped. Simon is back and there's a whole lotta Inception-like hopping between rooms of repressed memories. (Don't worry, dear readers who might be as lost as a blind mouse in a tiny maze, this is all unveiled below.) Simon makes a gigantic announcement that requires him to open a portal to apologize to Betty, the girl he left when he went all evil-Albus-Dumbledore on the world. Well, long story short (well, as short as a summary of an 11-minute episode can be without too many spoilers): Lena Dunham Betty uses her whip-smart prowess to save the day!
There's a heck of a lot that happens in the full, shockingly short episode below. One thing that doesn't happen? Finn & Jake. They pedal a bike and that's about it. Sorry fangirls and boys, it's Lena Dunham's world and we — yes, even animated characters — are just living in it. (Observation Deck)

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