Samsung Debuts The Ultimate Fitness Band & We Must Have It

samsungembedpage1Photo: Courtesy Of Samsung.
Today, one of our favorite ubiquitous Korean electronics giants has brought us something that has us excited. Like, jumping up and down. The Samsung Gear Fit is a snazzy-looking new piece of wearable tech that looks like it'll give Fitbit and Co. a run for their money. The Fit will serve up all the best features of last year's Galaxy Gear smart watches in what we think is a much sexier package.
Unlike the current crop of fitness bands, the Fit will rock a full-color curved AMOLED display that will be able to show alerts and notifications from your phone, like incoming calls and texts. The real draw for us, though, is the fitness functionality this puppy is packing. The Fit promises to measure not just your steps, à la Fitbit and the rest, but your heart rate, too. Among the Fit's competitors, only Basic's B1 currently offers this feature, which will make for more accurate calorie burning and sleep data.
gearfitembedded2Photo: Courtesy Of Samsung.
Samsung says the Fit will drop on April 11, and though there's no word yet on pricing, we're pretty infatuated with what we've seen so far. Here's hoping they'll throw a bone to us iPhoners — the device is designed to sync with Samsung's S Health app, which is currently for Android users only. (The Verge)

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