Tamu McPherson Spills Her Short-Hair Secrets

Milan-based photographer Tamu McPherson always stands out in the fashion crowd. But, we were especially psyched to see her recently snapped in NYC wearing her curls cropped into a chic pixie cut. McPherson tells Vogue that she had recently grown her hair out because "really short hair actually requires a lot of maintenance." But, she ultimately decided that despite the extra care, she'd bring back the crop she'd previously sported for the better part of 13 years in honor of Fashion Week.
McPherson admits this cut requires weekly trims and a haircare routine that depends on whether or not her hair is relaxed. So, whenever the photographer is sporting her natural texture, she uses super-moisturizing Davines shampoo and conditioner, followed by Jane Carter Solution Hair Nourishing Cream on the roots to avoid any frizz. If the style star decides to relax her hair, she uses a completely different regimen, finishing with a pomade for shine.
Despite all the work that sporting short locks requires, McPherson admits that the look perfectly complements her fashion sense, "My style is a mix of mens- and womenswear, and I think my pixie cut is also both tomboyish and girly." Plus, the photographer points out that her cut at least looks low-maintenance — and nonchalant gorgeousness is always in style, right? (Vogue.com)

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